Atom error message starting with 'cmd' when I run java code


When I run a java source code with script using Ctrl + Shift + B I get an error message that starts with ‘cmd’ but the rest of the message is messed up because of encoding issues.
What is wrong with this? Please help


Also it doesn’t run as well pls help


Which package are you using to run Java code? Are you using this package?


I’m not sure, I just searched ‘script’ and downloaded what was on the screen. How do I view what package I have?


I just checked and if I search for “script”, is the first package shown in the search results.

But you can double check by going to Settings > Packages and type “script” into the filter field. After installing that package, this is what I see:

If you can confirm that’s the package you downloaded, then you can open an issue in the project issue tracker for help in case no one else in the community has run into this and chimes in.