Atom / Electron hosted via NodeJS - Cloud IDE


I understand that Chromium allows you to package javascript apps as cross-platform desktop apps. But why are you limited to only desktop apps using Electron framework? Why can’t the Electron framework work seamlessly hosted under nodejs without having to rely on Chromium?

Purpose being, running Atom under NodeJS on an embedded system (Raspberry Pi or BeagleBone) or from the Cloud and coding directly on a hosted website. Similar to Cloud9. Atom is not only better by being cleaner, it is also better supported.

For Atom to transition to also being a Cloud IDE would be a huge success.

Are there any plans to make Atom / Electron truly cross-platform?

Edit: I don’t think this is an exact a duplicate. My question is about Electron. I am interested in it with regards to developing my own apps, as well as Atom being usable on the web. Sorry for not mentioning that originally.

But after reading, I see that changing Electron is probably outside the scope of Atom since it was developed open-source elsewhere. +1 to duplicate.


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