Atom editor quality has degraded!


I was using Atom editor for awhile now,
and all of a sudden it’s adding this shaded region on right side of empty spaces.

It now makes the codes or texts look like I’m on a 8-bit color monitor.

After this empty area shades started to appear,
it makes the quality of texts/codes fuzzier and the colors are ugly.

I tried uninstall/reinstall/ even downgraded to an older version but now this looks like the new norm ?!?
I’m on Ubuntu 16.04 64bit, does anyone else have this same problem?



Please have a look at the blog entry:
(focus on the mention of color profiles)

Next - test the core themes that are shipped with Atom. See if there is an improvement in the quality of the displayed text.

Also - there has been some issues with some fonts in Linux in recent times. Please search for articles in this forum on that.

If you return, please let the guys know which font you use with which theme. The exact version number of the installed Atom, would be most welcome too.

Good luck.


Changing Color Profiles to:

Use sRGB color profile

got rid of the empty area shades and the fuzziness.