Atom Editor PHP installation

#1 -This screen appears when I install the Atom Editor – – how can i go to this menu, how can install, Thanks!


Without being able to see the whole error message, I can’t tell you what’s wrong, but there are some standard ways of fixing this problem.

To clarify: you just installed Atom and haven’t actually managed to use it yet? If this is true, then you should close Atom, open a command line, and type atom --clear-window-state. If that doesn’t work, you should delete the .atom/ folder in your user folder (there’s a chance that the folder is hidden; trust me that it’s there) and then open Atom. If that doesn’t work, then give us the rest of the error message because something unusual is happening.


Thank you for your response


Did it work?


I gave names using English characters, corrected the problem Thanks for your help