Atom Editor no padding/margin/gutter


Hello, I’ve tried
atom-text-editor { padding: none; }
atom-workspace { padding: 0px; }

but the outlined margin still there. Is there any way to dismiss the gutter/margin/padding?



It’s hard to tell what you’re actually trying to hide, to me it looks like the framing of a laptop screen :slight_smile:

Anyway, it’s always best to use of the Developer Tool’s inspector tool to identify the elements you’re trying to manipulate!


Sorry for not being specific, what I meant to get rid of is the white gap. I was able to widen the gap by adding more padding e.g. 10px.


There is information on how to find out what element or class to style in the Atom Flight Manual. You may want to check that out.


Actually in both sides.

Struggling to find the corresponding element, doubt that it’s default setting.


My Element setting have the margin set to 0 and it does look less padded to me


Have you tried using the Element picker?

Click that button and then you can click directly on the element that you want to select it in the Elements view.


I was able to remove the gap by:
atom-panel-container.left { min-width: 0px; width: 0px; }
however, the file tree pane won’t show when toggle it on and off. Any suggestion?


If you change the style to:

atom-panel-container.left {
  min-width: 0px;

then everything should work properly.


That does slimmed down the gap a little bit, though there’s still 4px gap with nuclide. If I set those 4px to 0px, the file tree pane will not show.