Atom editor glitching colors [ FIXED ]


Hey everyone.

I was coding and i opened 3 atom browsers for split screen.
From that moment on some of the code shifted colors from red to white.

On the picture below i point out what should be red.
I already tried to reinstall atom on my PC and the problem still exists.

I am not sure what i need to do to fix this problem.
Does anyone have any ideas ?

Many thanks in advance !


That’s intentional (I’m guessing you updated Atom at some point beforehand).

To revert it, toggle Settings ➔ Core ➔ Use Tree Sitter Parsers


I am not sure how it happened.
I opened a few separate atom editors as i was
using my old code as a reference.

Suddenly it changed into this weird color theme.

But anyhow my thanks for the help my friend.
Your solution indeed did the trick.
Me very happy code once again haha :slight_smile:


Atom updates automatically, you just need to open a new window once the most recent update has been downloaded.