Atom editor crashes


The editor was working fine a few days back. With no change in environment the editor started giving me crash errors. I tried reinstalling the software but with no luck.


Maybe check for a folder named “.git” (that might be hidden) in you home directory (C:\Users%USERPROFILE%, in windows). If there is one, try to rename it to something like “.git-back.” and check if Atom keeps crashing.


That’s a good thing to check :point_up:

Additionally, I would see if any of the debugging suggestions (e.g. safe mode, temporarily resetting to factory defaults) makes any difference:

And when does Atom crash? Just after opening it or after you perform certain actions?

Lastly, what version of Atom are you running (atom -v) and what operating system?


I had this error:
This one worked for me. I changed “.git” to “git.git” because it didn’t allow me just to change the extension, it forced me to enter a filename too.


@vishalmnemonic: Not to topic, but FYI ->

If you want to create a folder
with the GUI Windiws Explorer
that starts with a <dot> then:

  • Create a folder that starts and end with a <dot>.
  • The end <dot> will be removed but the start <dot> remains.

Example: .git. becomes .git


any explanation behind this action?


You should answer the questions asked of you earlier in this thread.