Atom editor crashes while using networked based file systems!


Hello Community,

While opening a files and/or folders located on (NAS) Network Attached Storage, (NFS) Network File System, and/or (Network Sharing) Network Shared Storage. Atom editor crashes and displays a dialog asking me to close, reload, or keep it open. This is very annoying when programming and/or scripting. If I had the time I would dig through Atoms source-code to create a patch myself but sadly I currently do not. So I thought I would post this issue and hopefully someone with the knowledge of the Atoms source-code could create a patch for this issue since this is a very important File-System to support.

I am using Windows platform. But this issue maybe also present for Mac and Linux also.

Due to this issue I can not use the Atom editor for anything but locally based projects. This is sad but I keep most of my projects networked based because I am using more then one PC while programming and/or scripting.

Note I’m pretty sure but not 100 percent this issue isn’t caused by the Electron-Shell do to Microsoft Visual Studio Code doesn’t have this issue. Microsoft Visual Studio Code is also using the Electron-Shell with there project!

Also to note the Atom editor does not always crash instantly it normally crashes while I’m writing within my own projects located on my (NAS) Network Attached Storage.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post on this issue!


There are about a dozen open Github issues related to problems working with files from a NAS or other network locations.

It’s a known issue and unfortunately not yet fully fixed…