Atom Editor consumes 100% CPU after starting


There are thousands (thousands of users having the same problem since 2015) of topics around 100% CPU usage and Atom, but I coudn’t find any solution for this.
Is this editor death or will there be a solution to be able to use the editor ? This way this editor is not usable.

Please don’t give hints for this problem, but concrete solutions. There are so many hints out there which didn’t help me and others.


The reason we have been giving “hints” as you call them instead of concrete solutions is because there is no “concrete solution” to this problem. If there was, we would already have fixed it.

As it stands we don’t have enough information to help you. Here are some questions in an attempt to pinpoint your issue:

  • What version of Atom are you using? (Copy and paste the entire output of atom --version)
  • Is the high CPU usage still present in safe mode (atom --safe)?
  • Are the folders that you are opening Git repositories?
    • If so, does the high CPU usage still occur when opening Atom in a non-Git repository?
  • Are you opening a local or remote folder?
  • Does the CPU usage ever die down? If so, how long does it take?


I just downloaded Atom-Editor and started. Thats all. I never used it before. I do not open any Project, just starting it. The Welcome-Page is showing up and CPU is 100% , everything is freezing.

There are so many users having the same problem. So it seems a general and not an individual problem, which should be simple reproducable I think.
I already tried mentoined hints. In the forums we can see, that the same hints didn’t help other users.
How can this be, that since 2015 the problem occurs and there is no solution ?

Perhabs I do0n’t understand the situation, but I guess its special.

atom --safe : still CPU Usage more then 90%
tried old versions too : same issue.
I donwloaded the newest version actually (13.12.2017)
no Git repositories. I do not open anything. The Welcomepage is open.
CPU is running for ever (1/2 hour after starting we can declare forever I guess )