Atom Editor Cheat Sheet


I’ve been using the Atom Editor Cheat Sheet found here It’s been a god send however I was just looking at the Word Manipulation section and to delete text to the beginning of a word the shortcut is option + backspace. I am using Mac however and my Mac has no backspace. Is there another version of this cheat sheet for mac users?


Looking at this issue, it looks like Mac have a backspace key. However on some keyboard it’s “rebranded” delete. If it delete the character left of cursor then it’s a backspace key.


Ok cool. It does delete the character to the left of the cursor, so I guess it functions as backspace. Here a screen shot of the section of the Cheat Sheet that I’m talking about.
Hitting option + delete on my Mac will delete the text to the beginning of a word because it functions as backspace. Is there another to do the bottom option of deleting text to the end of a word, with a mac machine? It would be useful to have both of those options handy. :slight_smile:


Historically, Apple keyboards have had different names for certain keys than Linux and Windows. The key that Windows keyboards call “Backspace” was called Delete first on the Apple Desktop Bus Keyboard, which debuted in the late 1980s. (So calling it “rebranded” is a bit disingenuous :wink:) It is also called Delete in the current Apple documentation. The key that Windows keyboards call “DEL”, when it is present on Apple keyboards is labeled “Del ⌦” and generally referred to as “forward delete”, which deletes the character to the right of the cursor when pressed by itself. You can also generally use Fn+Delete to perform a forward delete in most programs.

So what the Cheat Sheet is calling “Backspace” is really “Delete” and what the Cheat Sheet is calling “Delete” is really “Forward Delete”, at least from the perspective of traditional Apple keyboards and documentation.

Now, as to having both options handy, you can always map whatever key combination you like for these commands. You can find information on setting keybindings in the Flight Manual:

Unfortunately, it appears that the Fn modifier isn’t detected by Atom’s keymap module, so the Fn+Delete thing doesn’t work. You might want to open an Issue on that here:


The shortcuts mentioned in the cheatsheet are not specific to Atom, but work system-wide.

Works perfectly for me, both on Apple’s wired keyboard (109 keys) and the smaller Bluetooth keyboard. I’m not sure if the Fn is supposed to be detected by the keymap module, my guess is that it’s meant not to be tinkered with.


Ah, well that’s good then :laughing: