Atom editor autocomplete isn't "smart" (intellisense). any fixes?


Does this editor support natively smart autocomplete à la webstorm or vs2013?
Also, tried the tern plugins - don’t seem to perform at all.


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It would help if you were more detailed in what it is you’re looking for that the current solutions do not provide.


Use CTags on your projects’ source code, to get the functionality you are after.


happy to clarify:
In JavaScript for instance, when dealing with an array for example - after the dot notation the autocomplete shows unrelated properties (0,1,this,myFunction) rather than contextual completion (concat, map, reduce, push, indexOf and more ).

btw - the “ternjs” plugin was suppose to bypass this issue. the current version failed to do so on my build. it should give more insight of what i am talking about.


At this point in its development, Atom is more of an editor than an IDE. People are working as fast as they can on packages though from what I have seen.


Did you follow the instructions for Ternjs (they are on the same page you linked, under usage), and start the server? I have definitely had it working here, though I don’t usually write plain js, so I have not used tried to use it in probably two weeks or so.

If you did and it still isnt working, you should check the dev tools console for any errors and then report a bug to the creator of that package.

In general as @leedohm says, this is an editor, not an IDE, which means most functionality you want beyond basic syntax colors and text editing will come from the plugins you install. And those you build yourself.


Is brackets an IDE? the support is baked in via tern. it’s much faster when it is built by the core team.
take it for a spin:


From what I understand and in my opinion, yes … the intent for Brackets is to be an all-in-one web development solution first and a general text editor second. Atom is a general programmer’s editor first … and if it happens to have a bunch of packages made for it that allow it to do IDE-type stuff … great! It is a matter of intent and focus.


Sublime Text isn’t an IDE. And Atom has copied quite a bit out of ST. Using CTags isn’t fast if Atom isn’t doing it for me.

I’m in love with the idea of Atom, but until there is a decent autocomplete system (that automatically reads in files) I can’t make the switch from ST3. Although I think that these are only the early stages and things will improve in all directions :smile: ( just adding my +1 for smart autocomplete ). I agree that it should be in the core.


still no parameters showing :frowning:


@justnorris sublime autocompletition is far away of smart, you’ve a few extensions like ternjs which provide a really nice suggestions…and you’ve this in atom too!..the atom tern package has a few bugs which caused it didnt work but these were fixed and works ‘decently’…and I say decently because there are many features which needs to be implemented yet…like variable name refactor and jump to definition…all these features are implemented in ternjs so it’s not so difficult adapt to atom, but takes time, the only way than atom can grow and mature is than the community help doing extensions and fixing bugs, sublime has several years of development, you can’t expect the same functionalities or perfection level on atom, but you could help to fix and try to build a better atom, that is why atom is open source and free (without ugly advertencies and notifications every 15 minutes)…


I wish they copied WebStorm instead of Sublime. WebStorm is a very excellent editor and IDE.


I cannot comment why TernJs plugin does not work for you, as you don’t give any input of the nature of the issue. However the autocompletion for dynamically typed languages is a hard problem and especially for JS I discussed it here in the blog post:


every now and then i get a comment on this old post.

the fact of the matter is:
intellJ is doing the best autocompletion.
visual studio has it.
brackets are doing it. and they are not even IDE type software.

so - it can be done. all the other hacks aren’t worth the cpu power.


For me I don’t need some fancy functions mapping like in an IDE. I just need the basic function definitions hints for lets say PHP (but python or other languages would be nice) like Notepad++ which I consider it to be like the basic text editor. The linter for php and php language support exists. What is keeping this, IMHO essential, feature to be implemented ( in terms of productivity I find this feature quite indispensable) ?


See this new topic:

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