Atom edition error: automatically jump back to last edition


When I try to debug, Atom automatically jumps back to where I last edited.

for line in fn:
line = line.rstrip()
wds = line.slipt()
if len(wds) < 3 or wds[0] != “From”:
tm = wds[5].split(":slight_smile:
#Pull out hour
hr = tm[0]
# make a new key if there is no such a key, or add one more if they is this key already
time[hr] = time.get(hr, 0) + 1

I first added a quotation mark in .split(": )
then I found I misspelled the word “split”, made it “slipt”. I tried to correct this mistake, the Atom keeps jump back to the last mistake I was working on.

Anyone knows why? Thanks.


Why is Atom jumping between mistakes in the first place? That’s not default behavior (Atom has no clue what mistakes are), so you must be using a package to do it.