Atom doesn't work on Windows 10 1809 without Enternet


It just does not start without the Internet. Does not give errors or anything like that.
I can not roll back to the old version of Windows, because I have a lot of programs, and there are no recovery points (there is not enough space on the laptop).
I tried install nodejs versions 9 and 10, but it haven’t solve my problem. Please, help me.


I also encounter this problem. It seems that atom.exe quit immediately if no Ethernet connection is built up. That is weird and actually prevent me from writing codes outside my office.


I have also ran into this issue, even launching from command line in safe mode it instantly crashes with no output to the cmd prompt.


I solve my problem…
It is a long story:I first removed the atom and install VS Code (Then there will be a speech about it, but since the applications work on a similar principle, I think that the solution is also suitable for an atom). Later, I had the same problem that I had when using an atom. After reading the messages on the forums, I realized that the matter is in the electron, which is part of these programs (if I understood correctly).I added node and electron (exe files) in allowed programs and components in defender’s firewall windows (I am not sure that this needs to be done, but since I did, I write about it, maybe this will not be too much action). And I install loopback adapter. You can see steps in this site (language is russian, but I think that translator can help you) <<как-в-windows-7/f71f4162-ab50-4aaf-bc41-dc8c17b4ca98>>. I hope, that it help you solve your problems.