Atom doesn't show previously saved projects


When I go to project manager (ctrl + super + p) Atom doesn’t always show previously saved projects it give me a message “No projects saved yet” instead.

I couldn’t find out what exactly causing this issue but I noticed that sometimes it does show me the list of projects but 95% of the times it doesn’t.

It would be great to have the project manager less buggy as it is probably the first thing everyone uses as soon as they open up thier editor.
Thank you guys, great work everyone!!


Isn’t that a package? If so try disabling it.

Edit: Duh. Disabling it would obviously fix it since the command wouldn’t exist. I should have said the issue should be reported to that project.


Hello Mark,
My mistake, you are right.
It is a very basic feature to have in an editor so I forgot that it is actually a package not a deafult feature of ATOM.

I will report it to that project.
Thanks for your reply.


Yes, Most basic features are packages although you don’t notice it when you start. Things like find/replace, file-tree, etc.

I don’t know an easy way to figure out whether a feature is in a package or not. I guess we should just assume a package first and search for that.



Check out

It uses the existing state serialization of atom to know about your projects and does in-window project switching.