Atom doesn't remember which files were open and which folder I was working in


Like the title said, when I launch atom it doesn’t open the last open files and it doesn’t remember which folder I was last working in. I have to re-open the folder I want and the files I want manually every time. How do I avoid this?


Atom has the concept of a “project” that is tied to a folder, typically containing a Git repository. If you open the same folder, it will remember your saved state.


The folder am opening does have a contain a git repo. But unlike you said it does not remember the state. Do I have to set the “project” somehow?


Okay, I opened the settings and found the “Project Home” option, set it to my repo and relaunched atom but still, nothing.


If I remember correctly, Atom writes its state to ~/.atom/storage/editor-<some very long number>. Do these files exist on your system?


I think that path only exist on linux. Where would I look if I were on windows?


I don’t have access to a windows machine right now, but probably one of

  • %APPDATA%/atom
  • %LOCALAPPDATA%/atom/storage


In my %appdata% folder I have an atom folder with these files in them

Cache, Cookies, Cookies-journal, DevTools Extensions, GPUCache, Local Storage

and in my %localappdata% atom folder I have

SquirrelSetup.log Update.exe app-0.175.0 app.ico bin packages

I couldn’t find this though editor-<some very long number>


For Windows (and every other supported OS) Atom’s config directory is the same, the home folder of the user, so ~/.atom or %USERPROFILE%\.atom if you prefer Windows notation.


Thanks I found that the atmo directory is C:\Users\q6\.atom but still no editor-<some very long number> folder


It would be in the ~/.atom/storage directory. That’s where Atom keeps all of its remembered state files.


the /storage directory does not exist for me.