Atom doesn't install the latest version of my package


I’m maintaner of AngularJS-Atom package.
Recently many users reported my package use deprecated API, I’ve already updated.

In “install Packages” section of Atom, it show the lastest version of AngularJS-Atom.(0.2.0 is lastest version now)
But Atom show 0.1.0 instead 0.2.0 after a while. And it warnd “Version 0.1.0 is not the latest version available for this package, but it’s the latest that is compatible with your version of Atom.”

I don’t know why. I missed something?

`package.json’ is like below.

engines": {
    "atom": ">=0.174.0, <2.0.0"

Could somebody help me?


Sorry, Somebody already fixed my mistake.
It solved.


That make me think that there’s no control over the validity of the engine version field in package.json. Maybe this should be handled by apm before publishing a new version.


So, it appears the problem had been fixed the 10th February of this year, but your version 0.2.0 was published 2 day before so you didn’t benefit of that change.


Thank you for information.
I thought that’s weired when users report they can’t update it.


Hello guys, Im new right now in Atom and I have this message also, the same problem,
can someone try to help me ? thank you…



Pigments has a version that is designed to work with a beta version of Atom because of the Shadow DOM removal that we’re working on. The version that you have is the latest version for the stable version of Atom.