Atom doesn't highlight open and closing html tags, but only in some files


I’m working on web pages for a website I’m making with a friend, but Atom will only highlight the starting and ending tags, like it normally does, in some of my files.

Game page:

In the other pages, like the about and home pages, it works fine.

All the files are in the same folder, with the settings (CRLF, UTF-8, HTML) in the bottom right. I’m still relatively new to Atom so this could easily be something I didn’t know about. Any help is greatly appreciated!


Mentioned here already:

See the referenced issue for more details but if you really need the HTML tag matching, you can temporarily disable Tree-sitter at Settings > Core > Enable Tree Sitter Parsers.

Just to clarify before we close in favor of the above post, if you close and re-open the files where tag matching isn’t working, does matching start working?


Sorry it took a while for me to respond, but it still doesn’t work after re-opening the file.


I just tried without Tree sitter, and it works just fine this time, but all the colors of the code have been messed up. I suppose I’ll have to do without tag matching.


Thanks for confirming :+1: is on the team’s radar so you can subscribe there for updates if you’d like and we’ll go ahead and close this as a duplicate of HTML tag matching doesn’t work with Tree-sitter