Atom doesn't colored script codes

Hi there . I just installed atom a few minutes ago . I installed script package too
When I write javascript inside the html codes it doesn’t colored anymore but it runs correctly and whenever I cut and paste the whole codes it gets color . That is a funny :slight_smile:

Suggestion: make a small sample code and show us.

Use the </> button inside this forum’s editor to mark the code.
Alternatively use the format:

{put your code here}

Also indicate which file extension you code is stored as.

This sounds like you have selected JavaScript as the document’s syntax, instead of HTML. You can change the active document’s syntax by clicking in the bottom right of the editor, where it reads “JavaScript” on the screenshot:


What did you aim for? … (1) or (2)

When I write javascript inside the html codes, 
the javascript is not coloured anymore.


When I write javascript inside,
the html codes is not coloured anymore.