Atom does not work, HELP pls


Hi guys, could you please help me out here?
I have opened up a config file to change a background colour of “one-dark-theme” to black. Rewrote the .less file. Got an error message and then when I restarted an Atom, only the dev tool window would open. I can’t see an Atom interface, therefore I can’t change the less file back to it’s original.
Tried the complete mac uninstall and loaded a fresh copy of Atom but no result.

Thank you for your help.



Try renaming your ~/.atom directory to something else, then starting Atom again. It will generate all the default config files and you will be left with a fresh Atom.

What config file did you try to change?


Thank you for your reply. I managed to reinstall the Atom. I opened config file in system preferences on the bottom. You get to see all the setting, packages etc. That’s where I went inside one of the themes and changed the background colour. I am new to Atom, did not think it would cause so much problem. Thought it’s open source and you can change, add pretty much anything.

Thank you again.


It doesn’t cause a problem. It is open source and anything can be changed, but you have to know what you’re changing and why. You seem to be having trouble remembering the specific file you changed and what you did to it, so I think it’s safe to conclude that you weren’t entirely confident in what you were doing.

If you want to turn the editor background black, the simplest way is to add this to your styles.less:

atom-text-editor::shadow {
  div.gutter-container .gutter, div.scroll-view div.lines div {
    background-color: black;