Atom does not start!

There’s no errors. When I open the application, I don’t have anything in front of me.
but in the taskmanager is running the atom in the background.
{{Sorry for my bad english}}

What happens when you rename the .atom/ folder in the user directory? Make sure to close any Atom processes you see in the task manager before you start Atom again.

im using windows 10 64 bit

That is good information to provide, but @DamnedScholar’s response applies regardless.

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thx worked.

Okay, so since that’s the cause, the most likely source of the problem (as far as I know) is the compile_cache/ folder. You should be able to copy over everything else or just delete that and re-rename the folder back to .atom/ (you will have to do this in the command prompt or in Atom, since Windows Explorer doesn’t think that folders should have . at the beginning of their names; it is, however, perfectly legal from the OS’ perspective and it’s only the file manager that cares at all).