Atom does not recognize Git


Today I had to reinstall my entire Windows installation. After installing Atom and Git, I get the git error in Atom, that git was not recognized:

Failed to install atom-discord because Git was not found.

The atom-discord package has module dependencies that cannot be installed without Git.

You need to install Git and add it to your path environment variable in order to install this package.

You can install Git by downloading, installing, and launching GitHub for Windows:

Run apm -v after installing Git to see what version has been detected.

Running apm -v:
apm 1.19.0
npm 3.10.10
node 6.9.5 x64
atom 1.28.0
visual studio

The git --version results in an error.

Input PATH:


That directory leads to the github batch script.

What can I do?

Is there any directory on your PATH that leads to a file called git.exe?

No. It’s a batch script called “github.bat”.

What’s in that file? Where is git.exe on your computer?

Git.exe would be in C:/User/ttsac/AppData/Local/GitHubDesktop.

What happens if you add that to the PATH?

I was wrong - the git.exe was in C:\Users\ttsac\AppData\Local\GitHubDesktop\app-1.2.6\resources\app\git\cmd.

After changing PATH to that directory, Atom recognize it normally and git works.

Thank you!

Did you add the directory to the PATH or did you change the whole thing?

Okay so i have the path to my git.exe application. Where about do i add the path

Here’s a tutorial. For questions about basic operating system functions, Google will return a much faster result so that you won’t have to wait most of the day for an answer.