Atom does not play well with symbol linked directories

So here is the set-up :

> mkdir box
> mkdir box/dev
> ln -s box/dev dev
> touch box/dev/a.txt
> touch box/dev/b.txt

A box/dev directory and a dev directory symbol linked to the first one. Plus some files.

I am opening atom from the symbol linked directory :

atom dev

Then I am splitting the atom in two area (ctr/Command K RightArrow).
I am showing on both area the a.txt a file.

The left tab is a.txt with the path pointing to the symbol linked file : dev/a.txt
The right tab is a.txt with the path pointing to the original file : /box/dev/a.txt

The weirdness goes further as apparently atom considers this is not the same file.
So you can edit on the left nothing is updated on the right. You edit then on the right and save -> you have erased all the edit done on the left !

If you ask me how I found this “bug” is because I have a $HOME/dev directory symbol linked to a $HOME/Dropbox/dev directory. It drove me crazy as editing a file in two tabs is something I do often.