Atom does not open the last session on MacOS



I’m starting using Atom and I am very disappointed that after I spend time to add folders to project, do some panel splitting, open tabs, etc… upon closing Atom and re-opening, I lost all that ! :frowning:

OS: Mac OSX 10.11.6
Atom 1.9.8

I have read forums and tried deleting .atom/cache and storage …
I have Disable this option Settings -> “Open Empty Editor on Start” …

nothing helped => my last session is never saved.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. open atom
  2. add some folders to the project (why you call it a project since “the project” is never saved ?)
  3. open some tabs with files
  4. close atom (red button or CTRL&W or CTRL&Q)
  5. re-opening atom brings a single pane, with an empty file

Can you please fix this ?




I use Atom on macOS every day. It definitely opens the last session using Atom v1.9.8 on Mac OS X 10.11.6. Here’s what I did after deleting the ~/.atom/storage directory to clear any old project state:

  1. Launch Atom from the icon in the Applications folder or Dock
  2. Use File > Add Project Folder to add my local Atom repository
  3. Double-click in the Tree View to open the file
  4. Exit Atom with Cmd+Q (neither Ctrl+Q, Ctrl+W, Cmd+W nor the red button actulaly exit Atom on macOS)
  5. Launch Atom again from the icon in the Applications folder or Dock

Everything is restored exactly as I left it.

It appears that you’re not actually exiting Atom, you’re just closing the window. On macOS, closing the window still leaves the application running. So when you click the application icon again, Atom opens the last saved project state … which is empty because you never exited Atom and saved the project state.


@asdf, please read this FAQ entry about why the tree view is not a reliable place to store your project folders. If you use a project manager plugin, you don’t have to worry about completely closing the application.


That was very good reading for understanding the options that exist.
I have installed one of the project management packages and now I’m happy with it !

Thank you for all the info !



I am having the same problem and this does not work for me.


There’s another person who has not been having Atom open the most recent project when it opens up from a complete close. This has been happening since 1.9.8.


@rmgirardin Can you give us some more information? What steps did you follow?


I uninstalled and reinstalled Atom and now it seems to be working fine.