Atom does not open even after running it


Hello everyone. I have encountered a problem with Atom, every time that I run it I can see that it is open in my taskbar but it never pops out on the desktop. I can click on the icon but that does not accomplish anything and just leaves Atom minimized. I have uninstalled the software to see if it help the situation out but nothing changed and it still is in the minimized state without me being able to open it. All help would be appreciated.


When did this start? What operating system are you on? What version of Atom do you have installed? What happens if you open the command line and type atom? Do you have any other Electron applications (such as Discord or Slack) that you can verify work? What happens if you rename the .atom/ directory in your user folder and then try to open Atom?



Are you using a laptop PC and sometimes use an external monitor?
Start Atom from the terminal with the command atom --clear-window-state.



I do actually use a laptop and connect it to an external monitor. Is that what is causing the problem? I will do as you say, thank you. :v


My suggestion was a guess.

Your problem description sounded like a Windows usage bug which I have experienced since the release of Windows '98. I am not too sure Atom contributors can do much about it though. The command I suggested is a good work-around that many applications do not offer.

Configuring the PC to expanded desktop {use the built-in screen with external monitor(s)} as you used before, will also bring Atom back. — provided that my guess is in the ball-park.

Please publish a reply to report on whatever the result may be.



Oh sorry, I saw this way to late, but the result was that I plugged my laptop back in to an external monitor and i found the program hiding in the corner of my external monitor. I guess it was just a scaling or positional issue. Idk i dont know how this stuff works.