Atom does not display the result when run by line


atom does not display the result when run by line
only show [finished in (“time”)]

now but when run all script, show the result.

already install “script”


Are you asking a question about the script package?


Yes, can you help me??
I uninstalled and Install the package again but continue with same result


I’m not really sure what you’re asking about. You may want to contact the maintainers of the script package itself. The Atom FAQ has information on how to contact the maintainers of any Atom community package or theme.


I know this is an old post, and I am extremely new to this but I had the same issue on windows.
Hope this helps any other new users.

When using Script-package and attempting to execute code atom (Ctrl + Shift + b) it would display;

“[finished in (“time”)]” , no errors

without showing any output.

If you are trying to run the code without having saved your code to file, script will not run it.
*Must first save your code to file before attempting to run it with the script -package

Example: “[file name].py”


Mind posting some screenshots of what you see?