Atom does not detect/alert unsaved changes - v1.0.15, Windows 10


Bug report for Atom 1.0.15, Windows 10 x64.

Display unsaved changes

  1. Open a file in Atom.
  2. Make some changes to the file (without saving the file).
  • Expected Behavior: A blue circle appears in the tab indicating that the file contains unsaved changes.
  • Actual Behavior: No blue circle.

Alert unsaved changes
3) Close the file containing some unsaved changes.

  • Expected Behavior: Atom shows the alert dialog asking whether to save the file.
  • Actual Behavior: No alert.

Thank you.



I have exactly the same problem with Atom 1.0.15 on Win 10 x64. How can i fix this issue? I can’t really use atom now since it doesn’t indicate what files need saving…


Hey Ted,

Did you manage to overcome this bug? Is downgrading the only option? :confused:



No I haven’t… I had to temporarily switch to some other editors on my Windows 10 machines as this one is quite critical… Hope the dev team can take a look at this issue.


There is an open bug on this issue here:


This issue is fixed in ver 1.0.19.


Great news. Thank you everyone!:smile: