Atom does not appear in Program Files (Windows 10)


I am using 1.80 via AtomSetup.exe. But after running the setup several times, Atom does not show up in Program Files or in the Start Menu.

Is this as designed?



Atom doesn’t install into Program Files, it installs into %USER%\AppData\Local\atom. If you want to make a new shortcut for the start menu, make sure that the Target field reads C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\atom\Update.exe --processStart atom.exe.


Thank you. That worked!


I moved “%USER%\AppData\Local\atom” into “%ProgramFiles%\atom”, and modified shortcuts to have Target: “%ProgramFiles%\atom\atom.exe”, Start in: %ProgramFiles%\atom\app-1.28.0" and now Atom is available for all users.


Let us know if Atom tries to automatically update on you. It might still do that, since you copied a properly installed version of Atom, but it won’t be able to because Squirrel has no idea where you put the program. If that happens, it would be useful to see the results.