Atom Documentation site



I really like the Atom Documentation pages.

I know that “The Atom Flight Manual” is in the docs repo and that the API reference is generated using biscotto but where is the repo for the main site? I like the version drop down and the warning alert when not using the latest.

Is the main site in a github repo? I can’t find it.



What do you mean by the main site? Your reference to the “version drop down” makes me think you’re talking about, but you separately reference the API reference. If you’re talking about, no, it is not in a public repo.


Hi. I meant this documentation start page: where the Atom Flight Manual is on the left and the API Reference in the middle column. I notice now that if I select a different version I go to the Atom Flight Manual instead of staying on this page.

I’m interested in knowing how you provide the versioning of your documents (version drop down, warning alert). Does the doc generation tool do that for you?



I can’t answer your question. I am not an employee of GitHub nor a member of the Atom Core team. I’m just an enthusiastic volunteer :grinning:

That portion of the site is not in a publicly available repository.


Ok. Got it. Thanks.


No, there has been no change in what is publicly available and what is not.