Atom deployment on Windows


Hi gang,

I need to deploy Atom to a computer lab (about 50 pcs) I have the deployment method down, but I am having issues with the installer.

From what I can figure out, the Installer seems to copy the files into the user personal appdata folder. It is a problem for us, because the software needs to be installed by IT then to be available to all other users.

I’ve tried with the zip file, instead of the installer. But It don’t seem to work… I’ve copied the zip contents to a folder created in program files. Shortcuted to desktop and then, when the user clicks to open, nothing happens.

Anyways, what do you guys think? What would be the best way to install for all our users? (PS: I use PDQ Deploy for the deployment process, and our users don’t have Admin rights)


Deploying Atom with pre-selected packages

You’ll probably have to roll your own installer/updater. @paulcbetts is the expert on Squirrel.Windows and would probably have the best insights.


Hey all,

So, there are a few options - because Atom doesn’t require you to have admin privs, your users can actually install it themselves. Another easy thing to do if you want people to use Atom is to just drop a link to the installer on the Desktop so that users can just run it.

If that doesn’t work for you, post back and we can think about alternate solutions, I really want to make Atom work for folks in a lab environment.



OK, well I managed to get something working…
First of all, it is a policy here to let users install software themselves… But in a changing environment we are in, I understand why it would be the direction Atom is heading :smile:

It is a good idea to just let the install shortcut for users, but I seems to have managed to get something better for us.

I copied the files from the .zip to a neutral location, c:\program files\atom, made a shortcut to atom.exe in the start menu. Next, I run the standalone exe to install on a certain user. Once this is done, users are able to run the shortcut… It isn’t elegant, but it works. :smile:

I figure that everyone will share the same instance and won’t be able to personalize it, but it will be used in a specific application (An intro into web programming using node.js) Do you think I should ajust the rights to the c:\program files\atom folder and let all users modifiy it’s content? Would having only read/execute prevent the software from behaving normally?



Shameless plug: I don’t know what your time frame is but I should have a new Atom package node-ide released in a matter of weeks. When toggled on, Atom becomes a source-level debugger for node processes.

It uses the same node debug api that node-inspector uses and should match the complete feature set in the future. When toggled off it disappears and there is no impact on the normal Atom usage.


I have a similar requirement as smit; Install to 3 teaching labs, total about 150 PCs. Want to have certain packages “pre-installed” in addition to the current default packages.

Tried all three install methods, the closest to a working solution is using the portable setup, install to Program Files folder, create shortcut.

A clumsy hack is to run a script to copy the packages to the %USERPROFILE%.atom\ folder every time Atom is run, but this slows the start up.

A better solution would be to have a central store (e.g. in the Atom install folder) and a base/common config settings also in the atom install folder. Then user specific settings would be in the userprofile. Overall settings would be derived from the combination of the two.

Another solution would be for Atom to look for an Atom specific environment variable (e.g. ATOM_CONFIG) and use that as the path to store the .atom settings folder instead of USERPROFILE if it exists.