Atom dependencies on plataformIO not running

Hello everyone, I find the situation that “Atom dependencies” never finishes installing. I’ve been on this for 1 day. I’m new to the interface so I don’t understand much what happens.

Confirmation from Texas. WIN10Pro, core 5, full memory. (Not so good for an introduction or first experience with ATOM. (Just Sayin’)

Please open the developer tools (View -> Developer -> Toggle Developer Tools) and see if you see any red messages. If you can’t find any obvious error messages, you might go to the package’s GitHub page and check for issues matching what you see, then follow those for more information about what’s going on.

If your issue is the same as the OP’s, then your issue is not with Atom but with a community package, and it is not within the ability of the developers to make sure that every community package operates correctly at all times given the open nature of Atom’s code and package ecosystem. If your issue is not exactly the same, then you might find an answer in one of the half-dozen other threads this week regarding packages breaking after Atom 1.39.0 updated its version of Electron to 3.1.10.