Atom deletes the files. Is there a way to recover them?


I am using atom in mac. It deletes all the opened files from disk. When I try to close the opened files, it asked me to save the file which i didn’t change in the editor. And I saved it . Then it deleted all the other files which was not opened from disk. Is there a way to recover the files. It is my one month project work. I desperately want those files. Could someone help me please?

atom version : 1.6.0


Atom doesn’t permanently delete files. It may move them to the trash on the other hand. Have you checked the trash? Do you have any backups? Are you using source control?


@leedohm - Thanks for the response. It deleted permanently. I checked in the Trash. I tried different recovery softwares, but no luck. Yeah I am using git.


I’m really sorry that happened. I’ve never seen Atom just go about and delete files at random. If you’ve got some suggestions on how to replicate that, I’d be interested to hear them.


Also I use go-plus package.And this package uses some other packages I guess. I am not sure which one caused this :frowning:


Normally, I would say that the first thing to do is attempt to replicate the problem in Safe Mode. To launch Safe Mode:

  1. Completely exit all instances of Atom
  2. Launch Atom with the command atom --safe

Of course, I can understand not wanting to try and replicate a problem that may have deleted a bunch of your files. Perhaps you might want to create a repository with a bunch of stuff in it you don’t care about and try to replicate the problem there?

My code disappeared

I’ve just been trying to find someone else with this experience, as it’s just happened to me. I was editing a file, and hit a short cut (clearly the wrong one, though I don’t know what exactly I hit). All of the files in the sidebar went orange. I didn’t know what that was, and suspected I’d toggled some selection state (I’m new to Atom). So I restarted Atom, and the project was gone.

No big deal I thought, I tabbed to Tower (my Git client of choice) and went to reset changes to last commit, as I had two days of development on this project all committed to my develop branch, though hadn’t yet pushed it anywhere…huge mistake in retrospect. Oddly, no changes in working copy. I went to view the commit history and it was empty. I went to finder, and the entire project has been deleted.

Again, no big deal I thought. I went to Trash. Nothing… I didn’t know an app could even delete entire folders from my machine and skip the trash entirely!..

Unlike the other poster, I don’t have any packages installed, as I was just learning how to use Atom and wanted to learn how to use stock first.

In case it’s of use to anyone, I’m on a Mac running macOS 10.13.3, using Atom version 1.25.1 x64. Suffice to say, I’m finding a different text editor.


I’d add, I haven’t been able to replicate it. Even trying to directly delete a root folder gives me a dialog saying it can’t be done. I’m pretty sure my cursor was in the editing pane and not the sidebar anyway. Unreal bug…