Atom deleted my entire project after renaming the directory name


I’m using Atom 1.21.1 on macOS High Sierra. I just tried to rename a directory to a new name like “foo -> Foo”.
But a few seconds later, the directory disappeared from atom’s tree view. I also check in Finder, also disappeared. It doesn’t exist in the Trash either:cry:. I just started this project several days ago, so things are not that bad. But I still wonder why this happens.

I made a new directory for test. After renaming, Atom deleted it again. Maybe you can also try this, I’d appreciate any feedback.


When you’re renaming the directory, is it always from one name to the same name but with different capitalization?


Yes, exactly. I tried to rename “foo” to “foo1”, it was renamed normally. But when I rename by changing the case, it got deleted.


This sounds terrible. Just out of curiosity, in your core settings, how do you have “close deleted file tabs” set? Also, I guess this would be a good time to begin implementing git into your workflow, if you haven’t already. I can’t really live without these days. If a file is deleted, open up github desktop and undo the deletion.


“close deleted file tabs” is unchecked in my settings. And actually I got several files survived while many files lost since I already closed those tabs before renaming.

Thanks for your advice. In fact I use git in many of my projects. Since this is not a serious project, I didn’t push it to the server, and Atom deleted my entire directory including the one of git, so I can’t recover my project in that way.


@kenn-chen do you happen to have detailed step by step instructions to reproduce this behavior? I want to make sure to create an issue for it if there isn’t one already.


@rsese I’m sorry for my late reply.

I got some feedbacks from my friends, and it was totally fine to rename a file by changing the case as they said.
I think this issue may be related to the plugin (Nuclide) I installed, it manages the tree view of my Atom.

As for the steps, it’s very simple.

  • open atom in any directory.
  • create a new subdirectory in that directory.
  • rename the name of the subdirectory by just changing the case.

With Nuclide installed, I guess the subdirectory would disappear.


Ahhh ok - I do believe Nuclide uses its own tree view and I can’t reproduce with Atom’s tree view. Since you have steps to reproduce, I’d suggest opening an issue with the Nuclide project if an issue doesn’t exist already to save other folks from this problem: