Atom - default KeyMap



I started using Atom and I want printable version of atom default keymap. Someone can tell me where I find it?


You can find the keybindings that are mapped in the Settings View (Cmd+, on OS X, Ctrl+, on other platforms) under the Keybindings tab:


I know but I want something like that
I just prefer paper version :slight_smile:


No, there isn’t a printable version. Though I’m sure a package could be written to create one and export to HTML or PDF or something.


I checked and there doesn’t seem to be one yet. It would certainly make a useful package, for individual developers or even class rooms and educational purposes.


About default keybindings… Is there any file (as keymap.cson) available to be opened and edited? If so, how can I access it?


If you want to alter the default keybindings, you can do it via keymaps.cson by unsetting or overriding them.