Atom debug react-native throw maximum call stack size exceeded


i’m use Atom to debug my react-native project. but when i ‘React native : start debugging’ at Atom, then ‘Debug js Remotely’ at iOS 10.1 Simulator, the app throw "maximum call stack size exceeded " exception.

then i use ‘react-native log-ios’ to catch log below: __nw_connection_get_connected_socket_block_invoke 12 Connection has no connected handler

if i use Chrome to debug the app, all fine.

any one can help me?


What package are you using to debug?


use ‘apm -v’, get below info:
apm 1.12.9
npm 3.10.5
node 4.4.5
python 2.7.10
git 2.9.3


None of that helps. Atom has no capability to debug React code, so you must be using a package for it. What package are you using?


use Nuclide 0.194.0


Nuclide has its own help channels and your chance of finding somebody who knows what’s going on is much better if you look there.


thanks DamnedScholar


No problem. :slight_smile: