Atom cuts part of a document


Hello, I have just found out there is a potential issue in Atom. It happened me several times for last couple months. I’m used to edit source code of websites using FTP remote plugin right on the FTP server. Sometimes when I open the document, Atom doesn’t load and open whole document, but just part of it and automatically synchronize it on the local folder when I save it. The problem is there is no way to return the document back to its original mirror of content. It’s a bit awkard when I have to find out last backup of the file everytime this issue appears. I probably don’t have to mention that website can’t work with just part of a source code when another part disapeared.


To further this conversation…
Could you give more detail on your workflow …
particular focus on the ‘tools’ you use.
Tools include the Atom packages (built-in or optional) used.

Hopefully the experienced guys and gals read your reply.
Good luck.


Atom has no ability to edit files via FTP. If there is a bug, it’s happening because of the package, and your description of the package does not clearly identify which one it is.


The exact name of the package is Remote-FTP. Except this package I have just one more installed in Atom - chmod.


It looks like this issue resembles your problem. You should comment there and say that you’ve experienced it as well.

As for alternatives, you should check out atom-commander.