Atom-Ctags (autocomplete+ with ctags)


I create a package that fork from atom/symbols-view, provide ctags suggestion data to autocomplete-plus, support Auto Update Ctags when file saved. Also has “Rebuild Ctags” in context-menu, btw you can setting “Auto Build Tags When Active”.

Looking forward to your feedback! :sunglasses:


Nice :+1:

Suggestion: it would be more efficient to make a ctrl+click like in Eclipse IDE for “go to declaration”


I use keyboard to coding more than mouse. :smile:
Also it contains keymap:

‘.platform-darwin .editor’:
‘cmd-r’: ‘atom-ctags:toggle-file-symbols’
‘cmd-alt-down’: ‘atom-ctags:go-to-declaration’
‘cmd-alt-up’: ‘atom-ctags:return-from-declaration’

‘.platform-win32 .editor’:
‘ctrl-r’: ‘atom-ctags:toggle-file-symbols’

‘.platform-linux .editor’:
‘ctrl-r’: ‘atom-ctags:toggle-file-symbols’
‘ctrl-alt-down’: ‘atom-ctags:go-to-declaration’
‘ctrl-alt-up’: ‘atom-ctags:return-from-declaration’

you can use keyborad command instead.

And i have create a new feature issue for this.


Me too but these shorter does not work on Ubuntu ctrl-alt-down and ctrl-alt-up switch to another workspace.
I will try to overload via the personal config of Atom, it should work.

Thanks for your reply. :wink:


Does atom-ctags support coffeescript? When I select a word and do go-to-declaration I get a dialog with an empty input box and the message no symbols found. I have done rebuild ctags but I don’t know if it is doing anything. There is no delay or indication anything is rebuilding.

Is there a simple go-to-definition

It do support coffeescript.
Toggle Developer Tools, and check if there any information or error?
Normally, You should see something like this after you rebuild ctags:

[atom-ctags:rebuild] start @ {path} @ tags... 
[atom-ctags:rebuild] command done @ {path} @ tags. cost: 67ms
[atom-ctags:rebuild] parse end @ {path} @ tags. cost: 0ms 


The rebuild seems to work fine. I just didn’t know if it worked.

I still can’t get go to declaration to work. In the following code I am selecting the bottom paneInfo and executing go to declaration and I get No Symbols Found. Isn’t this supposed to find the top paneInfo?

{Subscriber} = require 'emissary'

paneInfo = [null, null]

class ScrlSync
  Subscriber.includeInto @
  activate: (state) ->
    x = paneInfo[0]


I understand what you mean.
coffeescript’s ctags rules exists in .atom/packages/atom-ctags/lib/.ctags

It did not have regrex that support your specs.
Or you can write your own rules support your needs.
Here are some examples for coffeescript I search by google:



thanks – I’ll check it out


I have the same problem, I tried with different key combinations but I couldn’t make it works.
Please reply if you find a solution.



I also see ‘No symbols found’ and started a new thread for my case here:


Same problem here. I had stopped using this plugin for a while, was working before although with some errors on my setup but now it just shows “No Symbols found”.


can this package generate the ctag file in specified directory? sometimes i maybe forget to ignore the file


Probably is not useful for you anymore, but it can be interesting for newcomers.

I had the same issue. You can solve it by modifying the keybindings of Atom (in Settings).

Just search for goto to find the ctrl+alt+down shortcut, copy the instruction clicking in the icon, then open your keymap.cson file, paste it and change the shortcut.

After rebooting Atom, your new shortcut should work.


Hi docargar, could give an example as to how to configure a shorcut to exclude files while rebuilding ctags?


Hi @yongkangchen

thank you for this pluing, however I am facing issues with building ctags symbols in my project.

I see quite a few posts on this issue in the support forum but as yet there isn’t a clear example as to how to resolve it. Would really appreciate if you could give us an example to solve the problem.

When I try to build ctags, the plugins stops after 10s with the following message,

Stopped: Build more than 10 seconds, check if /Users/aurovrata/Sites/nims contain too many files.
Suggest that add CmdArgs at atom-ctags package setting, example:
–exclude=some/path --exclude=some/other

However your plugin gives no Settings options, can you tell how to exclude paths ?


Actually, THERE IS a Settings options in the atom-ctags package, am not sure why I didn’t see it earlier…

I got it to work by increasing the timeout to 30sec, and this time when I execute ‘Rebuild Ctags’ it does not timeout anymore. I am now able to use the ‘cmd-alt-down’ shortcut to navigate to the function declaration