Atom Ctags 2.1.0 released


Added features:

  • ‘extraTagFiles’ setting
  • add specified tagFiles.(Make sure you tag file generate with --fields=+KSn)
  • ‘cmdArgs’ setting, add specified ctag command args like: --exclude=lib --exclude=*.js
  • ‘buildTimeout’ setting, specified ctag command execute timeout
  • toggle-project-symbols
  • use atom-message-panel

Have fun with it! :wink:


Thanks for providing this plugin. I have a couple of comments and questions.

Firstly, atom-ctags requires autocomplete-plus. The atom-ctags readme states this dependency and states that already installed, but that wasn’t my experience - I had to install it manually.

What are typical entries for atom-ctags fields: ‘cmd’ and ‘cmd args’?

What are the keystrokes for jumping to, and returning from, a definition?

(I am running Atom 0.135 on Windows 8.1).


1、I prefer user install autocomplete-plus manually, and I did not found a api to install other package.
2.1、‘cmdArgs’ setting, add specified ctag command args like: --exclude=lib --exclude=*.js
2.2、‘cmd’ is for #21
3、In this commit, @kevinsawicki, I don’t understand why there is no keybinding for win32. Maybe you can “Open your keymap” and add it by yourself.

  1. Perhaps you could mention in the ReadMe that autocomplete-plus must be installed manually
    2.2 Sorry but I don’t understand. Should I set cmd to:

C:/“Program Files (x86)”/ctags58

and how do I tell atom-ctags to tag the currently open folder?

Sorry, but please will you spell out for this newbie how to use ctags in Atom?


1、Good idea, I will mention in README.
2、if you don’t understand, just leave it blank.


Ok I will leave it blank.

So how do I index the currently open folder?


can ctags show function parameters too? last time i tried it i only saw functions not function parameters but maybe i had configured it incorrectly?



I’m going to start a new thread so as not to pollute this one any further.


You should use the “Reply as linked Topic” feature …


My apologies. This forum is somewhat more advanced than the ones I am used to. I’ll try to remember that next time.


Currently only support . or : to show tag pattern (function params), When autoupdate-plus resolve, it will auto support ()


I’m sorry, but I don’t understand what you are saying.



I understand where the ‘Rebuild tags’ menu option is. When I select it the tags file is not rebuilt (the file date/time does not change and the contents do not change even though I added another definition to the .c files).


atom-ctags did not create or modify tags file. It store the tags in memory.


Ok, that’s helpful to know. Do you know why I see ‘No symbols found’ please?


Please open Atom Developer Tools, see if there have some information.


Ok, this is what I see:


please provide these information to me:

  1. os version
  2. atom version
  3. atom-ctag version

And try to run the command:
ctags --fields=+KSn -R -f - c:/Users/daldrich/Work/Atom_test
in shell directly,show output to me.


Windows 8.1
Atom 0.135.0
atom-ctag 2.2.0

C:\>"\Program Files (x86)\ctags58"\ctags --fields=+KSn -R -f - c:/Users/daldrich/Work/Atom_test
main    c:/Users/daldrich/Work/Atom_test\main.c /^int main()$/;"        function        line:5
myFunc  c:/Users/daldrich/Work/Atom_test\myFunc.c       /^void myFunc(int& x)$/;"       function    line:2      signature:(int& x)
myFunc2 c:/Users/daldrich/Work/Atom_test\myFunc.c       /^void myFunc2(int& x)$/;"      function    line:7      signature:(int& x)


Note that ctags is not in my path - I had to specify an absolute path.