Atom creating duplicate file names within sidebar

For some reason whenever I add pictures to a directory (ex. images), a duplicate file name is created with the prefix “._”. It doesn’t show up in the directory within Finder though so I can’t delete it. Why is this?

You probably have hidden files turned off, which is why they aren’t showing up. Try cmd-shift-. in a Finder window to show them.

As for why they are there, no clue. Does it only happen when Atom is open?

I tried looking at the hidden files within the Finder window for the images folder, but there don’t appear to be any hidden files within the folder.

It’s not that it appears when Atom is open, it’s that it appears within Atom but not within Finder, so there’s no way for me to delete them as I can’t from within Atom (error message…)

You don’t delete them. Those are files created by Mac and not meant to be noticed or interacted with.

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Huh, I’d never seen that specific type of ‘meta’ file, but yeah

Try DuplicateFilesFinder to avoid duplicate data