Atom creates .TMP File when Code is changed in another Editor

Heyho dear Community :slight_smile:

I have a problem using Atom, parallel with an other editor (Godot). If I make changes in Godot and the same file is open in Atom, Atom creates a temporary file afterwards

Anmerkung 2021-04-01 094852

I read trough some other Threads describing a similar Problem and tried their solutions, but it didn’t work. Tried the “file-watcher” and “revert-buffer” Add-Ons.
Also I tested different locations of the Project-Folder

I really don’t want to bug you and I really tried my best in solving this Problem on my own but here I’m stuck now x)

Thank you in advance! :smiley:

Often I share file sessions between Atom and other editors … say … Sublime Text, Geany, even VSCode. But I have not seen a .tmp file being created by Atom in project folder. Perhaps Godot creates it?

I see that you are in Windows and I am in Ubuntu.

You could try sharing a common file with another editor to see if .tmp is created.

Hey, thank you for the fast response :smiley:
Sorry I didn’t mention it, before I used Visual Code from MS and there it worked fine. I will try to use Sublime and will report later on :wink: