ATOM Creates .tmp file everytime I save


This may be useful to some, however, every time I save, ATOM creates a .tmp file in that directory. E.G. If I save 50 times in an hour, I end up with 50 .tmp files.

My question is:
Is there either a way to limit that .tmp or turn if off completely?

Thanks, in advance.


That’s not normal behaviour (so far as I know). Does it happen in safe mode?


Hi there

Yes - it does this via safe mode.


Okay, I feel like such a dunce…

I was able to figure out the issue. I was connecting to a local network, and I did not give my user the ability to delete files, so ATOM would create a .tmp and then not get rid of them–meaning they would pile up.

I do appreciate your willingness to help.

All the best.