Atom creates duplicate files


I recently switched from Sublime Text, and have this really strange issue. It might be related to hitting paste at a wrong time, or creating new files. Essentially after a few hours of work I end up with files like <filename><int>.<ext> all over my tree.

For example, if I was working with file named I’d have in the same folder next to it, that is a few revisions behind latest.

I have disabled the autosave functionality because I was thinking it was causing it. Using latest stable atom, with a few packages, nothing “save” related. I keep thinking there might be a hotkey I’m not aware of, that duplicates currently opened file. Perhaps there is a way to disable it.

Anyone else having this? HALP!


I haven’t heard of this occurring ever before. Other than the autosave package, Atom has a “Back Up Before Saving” setting (that defaults to off). To my knowledge though it creates a ~<filename> file in the same directory where the file exists … not anything numbered.


I found the reason for this behavior. It comes from pressing copy&paste hotkeys when a file in the sidebar is selected. In ST3 it wasn’t possible to copy files in sidebar with hotkeys.

It’s a bit confusing when you have a file opened with text selected, and an active item in the sidebar. You don’t notice that you’re copying a file. Is it possible to disable these hotkeys?

Edit: I found that “tree-view” package controls this and it has settings. It’s possible to just disable hotkeys for entire sidebar, which I did, and it seems to have helped!