Atom crashing upon opening css file


When I go to open bootstrap.min.css; Atom crashes. Argh! :disappointed:


I can’t reproduce this using Atom v1.12.0-dev-0a400ff on Mac OS X 10.12 with the bootstrap.min.css for Bootstrap v3.3.7. What OS are you running?


OSX 10.11.5
el capitan


Can you post a screenshot of your “About This Mac” dialog?



Can you post the crash log in a Gist so I can hand it to the dev team?


Will do in a bit. Thx.


Ok, so how does one get the crash logs for Atom?

  1. Launch
  2. Select “User Reports” in the left-hand column
  3. Select the most recent crash from Atom (probably says “AtomHelper” in the filename)
  4. Select all text on the right
  5. Copy the text
  6. Paste the text into the Gist


Ok. Thank-you for that. You’ve taught me something new. (ahem, not hard).
Will post.