Atom crashing on Mac OS versions prior to 10.12

Hi! I just bought a MacBook Pro 2012 (10.10.5) for programming (I really hope this was a good idea). Ok my problem is that when I try to save a file with the “.html” atom crashes and it shows “The editor has crashed Please report this issue to”, and well I’m here asking for help, anyone? :´(.
posdata, I’m a noob.

also my atom it´s “v1.39.0-beta0 (2019-06-11)”

Eh. If all you’re doing is coding, you don’t need to pay Apple’s prices for a computer. Unless you’re into Xcode, anything you get from using a Mac you can also get from using Linux. Windows doesn’t have as much built in, but a savvy user can easily set up all the necessary tools. So it really doesn’t matter, but Apple price-gouges on everything they sell because they’re more of a fashion company. You’ll look really stylish with your MacBook. :slight_smile:

Does the problem only happen with HTML files? What happens when you start Atom from the Terminal with atom --safe?

also my atom it´s “v1.39.0-beta0 (2019-06-11)”

What happens when you install the non-beta version?

Thanks for the quick replay!
I’m not really interested in what apple can offer, but the computer was at a very good price. I’m starting to learn how to code in Javascript, so yeah not using Xcode really.

I’m new in all this, so the only type of files I had try to use are HTML, but actually when I save with out the “.html” the document saves and opens with no problem.

This is what appears when I start Atom from the terminal
MacBook-Pro-de-UserFind:~ MacbookPRO$ atom --safe

-bash: atom: command not found

I don’t get why I thought I was using v1.39.0 beta, the truth is that I’m using the v 1.38.0 lol.

Shell commands for mac need to be installed via the Atom > Install shell commands (or similar) tab in the top bar.


Ok, I already do that (install the shell command) that solved the problem of opening Atom with safe mode by the terminal, but still crashing when I try to save “.html” files, any ideas?

a MacBook Pro 2012 (10.10.5)

Based on your macOS version, I wonder if you’re hitting this issue:

Can you temporarily disable Settings > Core > Use Tree Sitter Parsers and see if that helps?

This “Settings > Core > Use Tree Sitter Parsers” you mean inside of atom? I’m not sure were to look for it, sorry I’m very new on this stuff.

No problem, yes this is the settings view inside Atom. You can open it with Cmd, or in the Atom > Preferences menu. Then scroll to the bottom and you should see the Tree-sitter setting in the Core section.

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No way!!! This solves the problem man, thanks you hope now i can work properly, I was just convincing myself that Mac was just not good for this.

Glad that helped for now :+1: About the issue itself, a fix has been merged and a 1.38.1 hotfix release version of Atom will be out soon /cc When that comes out and after you update, I would recommend reenabling Tree-sitter since it has a number of benefits.

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Just FYI the hotfix releases are available today - you can update Atom and you’ll no longer see this crash with Tree-sitter enabled if you’re on macOS < 10.12.

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