Atom crashing continuously


Atom keeps crashing continuously. I can’t even get it started.
I first happend when I was on the packages page.

  1. I have downloaded a new (latest) zip file and replace the app >> still does the same.
  2. Then I deleted the app first, and then installed a new copy of the app >> still crashes.
  3. I then uninstalled the complete app with all directories and libraries etc and installed a new one >> still crashes.

I recorded a video of what happens:

What to do?


Have you tried any of the steps in the debugging guide? Specifically testing if it reproduces when starting Atom in safe mode atom --safe or after clearing window state atom --clear-window-state.


atom --safe does work :slight_smile:
atom --clear-window-state reproduces the same error :rage:


That means one of your installed community packages is the cause this crash. You say you were on the packages page when it first happened, do you remember what packages you installed recently that might cause this? Try uninstalling packages using apm uninstall package-name or via the settings-view in safe mode.

Once you identify which package causes this you can open an issue on that packages repository to let the maintainer of that package know of the issue.


Thanks @Ben3eeE!
I have narrowed it down to a couple of packages that I’ve uninstalled and now all works fine again.


Hey louisk,
Can you please provide the list of packages you uninstalled? I’m having a hard time to figure out which packages are causing the error.