Atom crashes


Hi all,
I’m m having problems with atom after updating it.
Since then whenever I open a directory it simply crashes (editor white) asking me if I want to keep it open, reload, or close the window.
I’m on a mac. Can anyone help me.


First question we always ask: does it happen if you run atom --safe?
If it works with the --safe parameter, then the problem is one of the add-on packages, and not atom itself.


Hi alflanagan,

It crashes in safe mode, in the same way.


I don’t use a Mac. My next step with this problem would be to temporarily rename my $HOME/.atom directory, and see if that fixes it (Atom will automatically create a new .atom directory, which you can delete after test and move the old one back). If that fixes it, you’ve a problem with a startup file. If it doesn’t… well that’s where you’d need advice from someone familiar with the Mac. :slight_smile:


Thank you alflanagan,

I don’t know if its safe to change de home directory on a mac…I believe it will change many other things…:frowning:
Thank you anyway…I hope a mac user help me, because I don’t want to change to sublime : (



You don’t change your home directory itself, just the name of the .atom folder that Atom uses (it should be inside your home directory somewhere). Just rename the .atom folder to something like .atom-bak, then restart Atom and it should create a new .atom folder. Make sure Atom isn’t running when you do this.


I’ve changed it, but it did the same thing.


I’ve noticed that when atom restarts by itself it doesn’t crashes, but if I drag a folder, it does. Even if I save any file, It crashes.


Can you confirm what version of Atom you’re running (atom -v) and what operating system you’re running?

Also you said:

I’m m having problems with atom after updating it.

Do you remember which version you updated from?


Has this issue been looked at? Atom keeps crashing. I have updated, removed and reinstalled, but the issue persists. Not sure what to do at this point.



Your problem could be the same or it could be different.
So let’s start with some details on what system you have and which version of Atom.

Please help us, help you, help us, help you by looking at -


I had a crash situation on OSX recently and the nuclear option worked for me. When uninstalling Atom on OSX, there are several folders to remove, described here: How to Completely Uninstall Atom for Mac?. As mentioned earlier, it’s a good idea to move your ~/.atom to another place to start from a clean slate.