Atom crashes when trying to open certain files


While working on a Rails application, Atom crashes when I try to open one of my controller files. I’ve tried restarting the application, as well as my machine, but it continues to crash when I try to access that particular file. I’m able to open the file in ST2, so I don’t think there is anything wrong with the file itself.


If the file > 2MB, it is a know issue.


The file I’m trying to open is only 1KB in size.


When I click on the user_controller.rb file Atom immediately crashes. The file is only 1KB in size.


Try opening the editor in dev mode (atom -d from the command line … I forget the way to do it from the menus) and see if you get an error message instead of just a crash.


Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, Atom is still crashing.


Not much to go on. What is unique about this file or your setup?


Can you paste the crash report from