Atom crashes on start, but only in one project directory?


In one specific project directory, Atom now white-screen crashes on start.

I’ve opened atom in that directory before (a few minutes earlier).

I can still open Atom successfully in other projects.

The directory in question is a package in .atom/packages. The package itself still runs, and works great in other projects; but I can’t continue to edit it using Atom.

I stashed all the changes to that directory which occurred between the last successful startup and the first failure, but it’s still no-go.

The error is:

 TypeError: Cannot call method 'matchesAttributes' of undefined at Editor.module.exports.Editor.handleMarkerCreated (/Applications/

Has anyone else had this happen?

Cannot read property 'cursor' of undefined

rm ~/.atom/storage/* solved this problem. It was probably an unwise thing to do – but it did solve the problem.

Does that directory store project-specific session data?


I had the same problem, your solution fixed it.

Thanks !


I had the same problem, your solution worked for me too. Thanks!


Same issue here. Resolved by the suggested hint.