Atom crashes and delete an important folder


Today, my friend tried to open atom. But the window did not appear. It was always in a minimized state. After failing to make the window appear for countless times, he uninstalled and reinstalled atom. Then he found one of his most important file folder in the desktop was deleted by the atom uninstall program. Now he is totally collapsed.

This is ridiculous. How can such an uninstall program delete an unrelated file folder? This is the most ridiculous software that I have ever seen.


Without reference to Atom (I am just another user and I don’t know why this important folder was deleted in the circumstances you explain) I only suggest that there are applications which might restore deleted files if you act quickly. Windows, Linux or Mac OS? In Ubuntu I have used testdisk.


Do you know for sure that it was the process of uninstalling Atom that caused the folder to be deleted?


Currently, I cannot find a way to restore.


Yes, I am sure. My friend later checked his other folders and found that every file ever opened by Atom has been deleted. These files were scattered in many folders and they included several LaTeX files. Atom is really the evilest software that I have ever seen.


Understand that the more your friend uses the computer the less chance of data recovery. This is because deleted areas in the file system are used by other processes. In fact if the lost data is very important it is safer to try recovery where the drive is removed and connected to another PC for recovery. But recovery firms charge high fees and it is better to research the subject (forensic data recovery) and try yourself. .

Start by looking in the Trash bin in case the files are sitting there.

If you are willing to accept the risk that the disk might be overwritten try these utilities …

If this risk is too high stop using the drive and more advice can be offered.

[Added note] There is a chance that the files might have been moved rather than deleted. If a unique filename is known try searching through the entire file system where it might be buried away. Some detective work is needed. Can you view the recent history of commands?

[Further note] I have just read from here …

that a similar loss of data was discussed back in 2014.


You say this like you think it’s common. Have you been able to replicate it? I’ve never heard of something like this happening. Even if Atom was erroneously deleting files, it would have happened when Atom was being run, not when its files were being deleted.