Atom crashes after Fedora upgrade to 28


I’ve upgraded Fedora to latest stable release - 28. And just after upgrade every few hours I’ve noticed Atom crashes without any particular reason.
I’ve followed steps from (run atom from console, atom --safe, atom --clear-window-state) and issue exists still.

Finally I was able to get message about failure:

/usr/bin/atom: line 141: 18973 Illegal instruction (core dumped) nohup “ATOM_PATH" --executed-from="(pwd)” --pid=$$ “$@” > “$ATOM_HOME/nohup.out” 2>&1
Gtk-Message: 13:26:29.339: Failed to load module “canberra-gtk-module”

Fatal process OOM in deserialize context

From what I’ve noticed it happens when using Alt+Tab to switch between gnome-terminal & atom.
I’ll backup .atom dir and try again. Maybe some plugin/add-on causes core dumps.


So the issue was some plugin/addon. After running Atom with new .atom/ everything works fine.
Btw. sorry for big letters, it was preformatted by editor after pasting from console.