Atom crash at startup - Windows 10 x64


I used Atom for a while without any problem, although it is slow. Yesterday I installed a few packages but they worked well the afternoon and this morning. But then suddenly Atom crashes, and it doesnt start anymore.

I reproduce the problem in safe mode
This is the last version 1.38.2
I cleared the saved state
I performed factory reset
I checked the FAQ and similar the issues but they are nothing similar.
I can provide the dump of atoms crashes if needed.

What do you suggest? Thank you in advance.

A dump of the crashes might be helpful. Have you tried the beta version? You just want to download, unzip it, and click on the first atom.exe you find. You can do the same for 1.38.2, to test whether the issue is within your installed Atom instance or works with any one you download.

Thank you for your answer. No I used the last release as it is suggested in the debugging guidelines.
I posted the crashes dumps there:

Yes, but what happens if you try what I suggested?

Thank you for your message. I have the same problem.

What if you try an old version that you know worked for you?